Optimum Nutrition’s New Performance Whey Protein Powder

performance whey protein powder

Today we have a look at the new protein powder from mega supplement giant, (ON) Optimum Nutrition and their protein powder “Performance Whey.” The company touts this new formula as an easier-to-mix protein with a lower mix requirement. This means, you can load up your protein in less water, juice or whatever you mix with for an emptier stomach! As most of you who use sports supplements on a regular basis know, there is nothing worse than a belly full of sloshing liquid for your run, other cardio or workout at the gym. They also claim that Performance Whey is engineered for adults who demand more out of their AM shake oand/or post workout shake (PWO).

There are of course some difference between this new protein powder and their standard protein “Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey” but they are subtle. For one, the calories are a bit higher at 160 cals per serving vs. the 120 in Gold Standard. Also there are more carbs at 9g vs. 3g. Protein per serving lowers a bit to 22g vs. 24g. Fat is raised to 4g vs. 1g in the Gold Standard.

On to taste:

Performance whey may be the best tasting of all the Optimum Nutrition protein line. It mixes easily in less liquid than its counterparts and has a rich almost creamy taste; very good in this department. It currently is only available in Chocolate or vanilla but this may change in the near future.

The best feature and why you may want to try this one out, PRICE. The discounted online price for a 5 lb. tub of this stuff is around $40 and most of the time you can get this with free shipping and no taxes. Performance Whey’s brothers, Gold Standard and the newest incarnation Platinum series HydroWhey are $52 and $60-$65 respectively. Paying just $8 per pound of high quality supplemental protein is a very good price. Optimum Nutrition is a well-respected company and very transparent in their lab testing. In fact the #1 selling bodybuilding protein supplements is ON Gold Standard Whey.

A little about the company:

Optimum Nutrition was formed in 1986 by Tony & Michael Costello. They were originally known as Costello’s Health Distributors. Tony & Michael Costello soon realized a golden opportunity in the need for improved quality standards in the sports nutrition industry along with a creative that was missing in the industry. Optimum Nutrition the company was launched at this point and after all these years it reflects well on the company with best-selling ON Gold Standard 100hey.

Their Mission Statement:

We strive to produce affordable, distinctive, and super-premium quality products while still making every effort to meet the needs of the ever changing customer demands.

Their Affordability Take: Optimum Nutrition is an advocate of healthy lifestyles. They believe that every customer should be able to purchase their premium products at reasonable prices. Optimum Nutrition eliminates the middlemen and place all control of the brand in their own hands. This makes sure that each product is top quality & among the most sought after and competitively priced supplements on the market.

Their Quality Stand:

Optimum Nutrition’s commitment to their quality is apparent in the entire product. Prior to a single -machine being turned on, they carefully select suppliers who provide ultra-premium raw materials. All suppliers must meet the Certificate of Analysis for each material as a measure of quality. These certificates are verified and independently tested in the lab.


So, if you’re looking for an awesome protein supplement with great taste and a high-quality protein source like Whey, you’ll want to check out ON’s new Performance Whey. The price is right and what’s inside is what really matters… high quality protein form a trusted source.


[box type=”bio”]Author’s Bio: Charles Freeman is an avid bodybuilder and founder of pumpjunkies.com. More from Charles at pumpjunkies[/box]


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