Need Of Protein Powder For Beautiful Skin

[dropcap style=”font-size: 70px; color: #91292a;”] P [/dropcap]rotein powders are popular among body builders who cap their workout sessions with some drink that is mixed with protein powder. Protein powders are sources of high quality proteins and are commercially sold in three primary forms – whey, soy and casein. Soy protein powder is of greater importance for vegan as it is not sourced from any animal product, but is none the worse for quality.

protein powder and skin

Proteins are essential amino acid compounds. When proteins are fed to the body, they are broken down into innumerable amino acids that are absorbed by cells / processes that require them to generate cells, hormones, enzymes, blood cells or anti-bodies. Protein powders are water soluble and are readily available for use by the body.

Hair, skin, muscles, eyes and nails are all made of proteins and the consumption of this mineral is essential for the maintenance and health of these organs. Proteins are also an integral part of core organs of the body, as are soft tissues. Deficiency of protein in the body can have adverse consequences, and this deficiency is reflected in symptoms that involve your facial skin.

To sport beautiful skin, it is important to ensure that the levels of proteins in your body are healthy. Protein supplements, protein powders and a range of other products are available over the counter to help you achieve this end. When the body is starved of its eight essential amino acids, and various set-backs occur. These unfortunate events are reflected in the deteriorating quality of skin that can’t be written off as the wreckage of environmental or situational factors.

When there is a protein deficiency in the body, there is an increase in the occurrence of puffy bags beneath the eyes in the mornings. Water retention is an indicator that you may need products like protein powders. Puffy eyes, swollen face, hands and ankles are all results of water retention.

Skin cells are replaced every 24 days, and protein levels in the body need to be high for this to occur. If there is insufficient protein in the body, the process of cell regeneration slows down considerably, and you will be left with dry, lifeless skin that results from the accumulation of dead skin cells.

Collagen and elastin are protein compounds that are essential in the health of the skin. Facial skin, especially, requires collagen and elastic to be continually available to keep signs of aging from making their mark on it. elastin is a protein that is responsible for the elasticity of skin. When you pinch your skin, pull it or it folds, elastin is what enables it to revert to its original state.

If there is not enough elastin in skin, the organ is no longer capable to readily reverting to its original shape, causing wrinkles, skin folds and sagging pouches of skin. To steer clear of these results and to enjoy beautiful skin, one must use protein powders or other supplements.

Collagen is a protein that is responsible for holding cells together. It is the efficiency of collagen that allows skin to remain tight. To keep facial skin smooth and youthful, it is important that collagen be amply available in skin.

Whey protein is processed such that it is drained of most of the carbohydrates, fats or lactose that were present along with it when sourced. Whey concentrates boast of 80% protein concentration, and whey isolates 90%. Whey protein powder is advised for those with lactose intolerance. Whey boasts the highest biological value (measurement of quality of protein) among its peers.

Casein protein powder is primarily sourced from milk. Casein protein is found in milk and other dairy products like cheeses. Casein protein powders contain all the eight essential amino acids required by the body, making it ideal for those with high protein needs. This protein also helps in controlling food intake as it takes longer time periods to digest as it must first be converted into a paste before it can be absorbed and acted on by the body.

Egg protein powders are incredibly rich sources of amino acids – they contain all 22 amino compounds apart from the eight major ones. Egg protein was the undisputed king of the protein market till whey protein came along. The protein powder is created by adding egg white powder to protein powder sourced from eggs, enhancing the quality of proteins. This product is also low in cholesterol concentration levels.

Soy protein is the vegan favorite as it is sourced from soybean plants, and is devoid of cholesterol, fibres, fats and carbohydrates. Though soy protein powders are not as rich in amino acids as their counterparts, they are effective in delivering the benefits of proteins to the body.

Weigh your needs and choose protein powders that best suit your needs as a healthy body is a pre-requisite for a naturally beautiful skin. Oils, collagen and keratin triggers and the like can easily be provided to the skin to enhance its appearance, but these are temporary measures of little value. To develop skin that will remain healthy and vibrant for a long time, fortify your health

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