Which Powder is Best for You?

There are so many protein powders to choose from, it can make your head spin! There’s whey, hemp, egg, casein, rice and soy to name just a few. And then each of these supplements are sub-categorized further, such as whey concentrate, hydrolyzed whey, soy isolate, egg white or whole egg powder, and the list goes on! You will be happy to know our aim at The Best Protein Powders is to simplify the selection process.

For example, the best protein powder for a bodybuilder is not necessarily the same as one for someone trying to lose weight and burn fat. Some may be looking for good quailty meal replacement protein powders to ensure that they get enough nutrition and food during hectic schedules. Others may be on a budget, or have specific dietary needs (lactose intolerance, soy allergies, etc.), while taste and palatability is the key factor for others. So let’s take a look at each of these specified needs in more detail. Click the link below that applies to you.

#1 Selling Protein Powder

Protein PowderOf all the protein powders available, Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder is the #1 seller. It has been awarded the #1 protein powder from 2005 to 2009. What makes this protein powder such a hit?

Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder is made up of a blend of different whey proteins, including the most expensive hydrolyzed whey protein peptides and whey protein isolates, as well as the less expensive whey protein concentrates. This blend provides a high quality product; the #1 choice for many bodybuilders and athletes.

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