Beef Protein Powder – The Best Bodybuilding Supplement

Are you a fitness freak and putting in maximum number of hours possible in a day towards fitness? Then, only exercising will not provide you the bulk and cutting you are expecting in the body muscles. You need a nutritious diet supported by the protein supplements available in the market these days. There are a wide range of protein supplements available in the market like whey protein, soy protein, egg and hemp protein, rice and beef protein. The benefits of beef protein supplements are catching a lot of attention these days.

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Fitness enthusiasts are getting professional help to design their diet according to the workout regime they follow. The various protein powders can help in gaining the effects the body needs along with covering up the deficiencies which cannot be filled merely by a regular diet. Whey protein is a rich source of amino acids which is a water soluble protein. The amino acid called as cysteine helps in the process of bio-synthesis of the glutathione which gives a boost to the bodybuilders. Soy protein is mostly preferred by vegetarians and is a rich source of isoflavones. Rice protein is easily digestible and is allergen free. Therefore, different types of proteins have different effects and are suited according to the different body structures, preferences and workout regimes. It can be consumed in the form of shakes, soups, bars, gels and powders.

Beef protein supplement is a rich source of amino acids like many other supplements available in the market. It is one of the highest sources of protein as per the per gram release. Highly bio-available and a rich source of proline and hydroxy-proline, it is a fat-free option for the body builders. It also provides the body with the maximum amount of creatine because it is derived from the skeletal muscles. It is the best available option for people who cannot consume dairy and are lactose-resistant. Following types of beef variety is available in the market.

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  • Ground chuck has 80 percent of lean source and 20 percent of fat source
  • Ground beef has 70 percent of lean source and 30 percent of fat source
  • Ground Sirloin has 90 percent of lean source and 10 percent of fat source and;
  • Ground round has 85 percent of lean source and 15 percent of fat source.


A study conducted confirmed that two women were given a diet rich in nutrition with one woman having a diet without beef supplement and another women taking beef supplement. The woman ingesting the supplements lost more weight than the other woman. The beef supplements which are a rich source of zinc, protein and iron helps in altering the body composition by decreasing the fat percentage in the body, lowering the LDL levels and helping to maintain a good heart health. But, the consumption should be of a lean beef protein supplement. Some people complain that this supplement is hard to dissolve in water because of its insoluble properties or the sticky nature. Others may not like the taste of this supplement, but it is one of the most revolutionary products because of its benefits. The product provides with maximum advantage to the builders instead of the other substitutes.
Beef protein supplement is highly opted over whey protein because it provides more benefits to the athletes and body builders towards bringing strength, endurance and bulk in the body. These days advanced altered and bio-engineered variety of beef is produced which is used in manufacturing of the supplements. These supplements help in reducing the fatigue level of the body, maintain a healthy nitrogen balance and increase the protein synthesis in a body.


Protein is essential and the main component of body building. It is used by our muscles and organs. It is the main part of the body fluids and ligaments. But, certain cautions must be kept in mind while taking beef supplements on a regular basis.

a) High amounts of protein can put adverse effects on the liver and the kidney. There has to be a set and limited quantity of protein which should be ingested daily.
b) Aged people should be very conscious when taking protein. Older people are recommended not more than 800 milligrams of protein in a day.
c) Protein supplements should be balanced with the other diet foods which are eaten in a day. Like rice, soy and egg proteins along with the beef protein supplements.
d) Leucine, a branched chain amino acid has anabolic effects on the metabolic rate as it decreases the protein degradation rate of the muscles in the resting phase.
e) Opt for a leaner form of protein muscle instead of the fattier versions of beef protein supplement. This will not increase the bad cholesterol and even help in managing the weight issues.

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Author:The article is written by Jason Phillips, he is a fitness enthusiast who is also certified Nutritionist for individuals and families. Visit HERE to explore more about random and useful musings on health and fitness.[/box]

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