Hi my name is Bryan Patterson and welcome to proteinpowdershakes.org!

I have been a health and fitness enthusiast for the past 12 years. At the age of 19 I woke up to the fact that I was overweight and unhealthy and had to make some serious changes. So I started cycling and yoga and learned a lot about food and how to eat healthily. I studied nutrition at the Optimum Institute of Nutrition to give myself a real grounding in food science and have since educated myself about sports nutrition. These subjects are the core passions in my life.

In addition to the cycling and yoga, I also moved onto weight training for its superb benefits for health. I think the regenerative and anti-aging effects of building even a little lean muscle mass is unrivaled. To build lean muscle effectively we need quality protein in our diets in adequate amounts – muscle needs protein for its growth and maintenance – and one of the easiest ways to get extra protein into our diet is by using protein powders. Protein powders are an easy addition to a diet and can be used anywhere quickly and conveniently, whether you’re at work, the gym, at home or just need a quick healthy snack.

This site is dedicated to providing information about the best protein powders for a variety of circumstances and needs and also contains other tips about nutrition, healthy living, and working out effectively.

Best Wishes
Bryan Patterson

You can contact me at bryanpatterson (a) gmail.com

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